Everythin About New 2021 Foton Pickup, The New Bug Chinese Car

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On March 6, the generals of Foton pills were officially started. The new car offers three options of 2.0T gasoline, Diesel 2.0T and Diesel 2.5T, with a price range from 119,800 to 183,800 Yuan. The new car also started a version of Rosa Outdoor painting on behalf of General Mullan, which presented the 100th anniversary of the Festival Foundation on behalf of General Mullan, General Mullan Kits 10,000 Yuan and Grand General 20,000 Yuan Cannon Kits.

Models and Prices

The Foton pickup at present has 5 models together with Tuoluzhe, Touluzhe Yutu, Tuoluzhe Shengtu, Subjugator and Sapp. Prices range from 60,000 to 170,000 RMB. The arrival of the broad is done on the one offer with the design and the follow-up and the iteration of the gameplay, on the other hand, also aim to conquer the market shares of Great Wall Pickup and Great Wall Cannon. The criterion container kind of the General is somewhat lesser than the stately roadblock Cannon, but the look and feel of the interior is the even as the cannon tilted towards the passenger car.

Foton Pickup

Physical Shape

In terms of truck design, Foton seems not to follow a familiar design, and the generals do not have similarities to all existing models. It focuses on the square-shaped effect, whether it's the front gate, reflector, the lights LED or the front housing, they're all at right angles. The word "FOTON" in the core web is particularly prominent under these elements.

2020 Foton Pickup

As far as height is concerned, a standard charging chamber is provided and a long version of the charging chamber is 5340/1960/1885 mm long, width and height and height. The distance extension is up to 3400 mm and the size of the goods body is 1520 (short) / 1805 (long) × 1580 × 440 mm.

In the past, unlike the pickup trucks, which has defeated more attention to neglected practice and design and parcel, the design of the general replacement interiors produced a rich layer, the choice of the corresponding materials and colors Seeing even more careful and color matching techniques were used to create a better visual effect. It also offers a multimedia screen of the central film with carefully arranged physical buttons under the control panel, which increases the general meaning of technology.

With regard to power, the general offers three electricity options, or 2.0T of petrol engines and Oukang efficiency diesel engines and Isuzu 2.5T diesel engines. These include the maximum power of petrol version 2.0T is 238 hp, and the maximum performance of two versions of the power of the diesel version is 150 hp and 163 hp. The transmission system selects a 6-speed manual gearbox or an automated transmission box with 8-speed ZF.

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