Elektron Blesses The Market With HyperCar Quasar And Super Car Truva In 2023, Both Electric Powered

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The German based electric hyper car company, Elektron was introduced to the community with its hyper electric car, Elektron one. Now this carmaker is back with another hyper car, Quasar. Actually, earlier they debuted the concept of this vehicle in April, but now it getting more detailed. The engines output is unbelievable along with the top speed.

As this new carmaker claims, Quasar as an electric hyper car has 2,300 hp and speeds up to 100 km/h in just 1.65 seconds. Also, the top speed limit is 450 km/h. isn’t it crazy? As company scheduled, just 99 units of this hyper car will be built and the deliveries spoused to be done in 2023. But Quasar is not the only vehicle on the production line, the other sibling with lower power will come first.

elktron truva supercar

Truva is all-electric supercar of company which comes before Quasar’s debut. It is obvious this car has all-wheel-drive system, but it runs with three motors whereas Quasar has four of them. Two electric motors on the rare axel of Truva and just one on the front. This supercar’s output is 1,400 hp as Elektron states. Also, they call Truva as "innovative composite chassis". it has also a pushrod suspension system and 100 kWh battery pack.

elektron truva supercar

It is so clear there is a big gap between Quasar and Truva. That makes Truva less expensive and maybe more affordable for hyper rich people. It will cost 600,000 euro of your pocket. Truva will join the Market in 2023 and later we could see the Quasar too. Then we can judge, if company accomplished all the promises with these unbelievable numbers or not.

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