Electric Citroen C3 Introduced In India

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The E-C3 is the small SUV Citroen C3's all-electric variant that was released for the Indian and South American markets. With a 320-kilometer range and the same design as its internal combustion predecessor, this electric variant will be available.

The absence of an exhaust pipe, the inclusion of a charging outlet on the front fender, and the blue "e" marks on the doors distinguish the E-C3 from the Citroen C3, which is consistent with Citroen's naming approach for electric vehicles. The other body parts, such as the air intake on the front bumper, are identical to those of the gasoline model. The gear selector in place of the internal combustion model's gear lever is the only interior variation. There are two trim levels for the E-C3: Live and Phil. Phil boasts a 10.2-inch touchscreen and connected car capabilities.

Citroen C3

The Citroen E-C3 is outfitted with an electric engine that has 57 horsepower and 143 Nm of torque. Citroen claims that this particular model has a top speed of 107 km/h and goes from 0 to 60 km/h in 6.8 seconds. With a single charge, the battery pack's 29.2 kWh capacity enables it to drive 320 km. This model includes a built-in 3.3 kW AC charger that it uses for charging, but it also has a rapid DC charging option. It takes just 57 minutes to charge it from 10% to 80% with the DC charger, as opposed to 10.5 hours using the internal charger.

This model's technical parameters fall short of those of other comparable SUVs in the Stlantis group, such as the Peugeot E-208, which generates 154 horsepower and has a 400-kilometer driving range owing to a 51 kWh battery. The Citroen E-emphasis C3's is on affordability, though, which is why the company employed a variety of parts in it. This model's technical specifications are comparable to those of Indian rivals like the recently introduced Tata Tigo electric.

Beginning on January 22, orders for the Indian-made Citroen E-C3 will be accepted here; pricing will also be revealed at that time. In February, the first models of this car will arrive in Indian dealerships. Citroen intends to introduce a new generation of the C3 and an electric version of the e-C3 in Europe soon, but it also has export plans for the E-C3 to other worldwide markets.

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