Donkervoort D8 GTO, Costumers Demands Are Priority

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Donkervoort presented the final car of the D8 GTO type, the Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series, which is the most powerful Donkervoort ever constructed. This type allows Lotus-Seven-inspired car customers to personalize the vehicle to their exact requirements.

The only limitation, according to the company, is what is permissible in the European Union.

Donkervoort cleans up the D8 GTO Individual Series' external appearance by eliminating the nose-cone flaps, scoops, and 3D-printed air outlets. Customers can, however, request that certain components be restored. Wheels made of carbon fiber are also available. Buyers can also choose the colors of the paint. Exposed carbon fiber is also a possibility.

Donkervoort D8 GTO

Buyers may opt for comfort-focused seats with warmers and carbon racing chairs within the cabin. Colors and designs for the upholstery can be chosen by the buyer. Reversing cameras, radar detectors, and air conditioning are among the additional features. Donkervoort can provide custom luggage to match the vehicle. There are also race suits and helmets available.

Donkervoort collaborates with Abt Sportsline to create the D8 GTO Individual Series powered by an Audi engine. The engine is a 2.5-liter inline-five turbocharged engine that produces 435 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is normal, although a six-speed sequential transmission is also available.

The D8 GTO Individual Series starts at €162,900.

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