Dongfeng Fukang ES600 Is A Peugeot 408 Based EV

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The Dongfeng Citroen joint venture, which was established in 1992 by Dongfeng and the PSA Group, is the owner of the Dongfeng Fukang name and produced a variety of Citroen vehicles under the Fukang moniker. Their latest car, the Peugeot 408-based Dongfeng Fukang ES600 electric sedan is offered in China for $23,170 USD.

Since it is built on the 408 sedans, its dimensions—4750 mm long, 1920 mm wide, 1518 mm tall, and a 2730 mm wheelbase—are nearly identical to that of the sedan. It is 130 mm taller than the 408, as you can see.

Fukang ES600

The Fukang ES600's interior likewise significantly resembles that of the 408. It even has a Peugeot emblem on the steering wheel, but it also features a 9.7-inch screen that is portrait-oriented and a rotary gear selector.

Fukang ES600 has a 150-horsepower electric motor below it. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.7 seconds, and its top speed is 140 km/h.

The ternary (NMC) battery for 53.6 kWh is installed in the vehicle without a swappable battery that was introduced in March. It had a 430 km NEDC range. The swappable battery is also made by CATL and has a capacity of 51 kWh, providing 410 km of CLTC range.

Dongfeng Fukang ES600

The ES600 is not the first Dongfeng vehicle to include interchangeable batteries, and there are 336 stations located throughout China. At the CATL EVOGO battery switch station, the ES600 will be able to swap batteries.

Aulton New Energy is working with Dongfeng to establish battery swap stations around China.

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