Do You Like To Have A Race Vehicle On Mars In The Future?

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We all know that people will survive on other planets in future for some reasons. So let's just imagine for a short time that you are in a growing Mars colony as a settler, and you are a little boring. Don’t forget that you are on Mars, and it is Saturday. So you and your co-workers want to have a fun competition, and everything is obliging to be different. Here is one way which is displayed by Daniel Trbovic to make your race day, who drives vehicles photographed from the world, all of the old school Chevys to McLarens and everything else in the middle and also is an artist and photographer of CGI from California of Los Angeles.

LA-Based CGI Artist Imagines a Future Where Humans Race Vehicles on Mars

What is Nomad?

However it is not clear, we can call these vehicles Nomads since it is known as "Nomads On The Mars". In fact, there is nothing in terms of vehicles, we have only some photos and a video which is enough to know what these vehicles are and how they should work. Design of the wheel is the first thing that is noticeable from the earth.

Trbovic decided to pick up a hammock in contrast to the classic wheel design. Due to these design characteristics, the Nomad is probably an electric drive vehicle without anyone on each wheel, an electric drive vehicle, one on each wheel; the absence of an engine compartment maintains this theory in a vertical position. It is rarely seen in traditional vehicles that four engines must offer a degree of control, if you just think about it.

Body Information

Speed: This is the only meaning of the minimum appearance of a frame, while a strange tear form seems to provide an aerodynamic degree. It is probably quite easy as the vehicle contains only some struts, and it is mainly covered by glass. So you see at a view of the Nomadic body, there is not much to see.

LA-Based CGI Artist Imagines a Future Where Humans Race Vehicles on Mars

If you think about these lateral fans (helicopter), you may think about what can they do, why they are familiar to you and how they work. Now, here we say a point about this type of system. When the Nomad is too fast and begins to fishtail, fans can correct the loss of traction. So the first use for these fans could be to provide lateral stability at high speeds. Deliberately create a loss of traction such as taking a very sharp curve in which the back must be beaten quickly could be the next use them. Also, creating an aerodynamic structure to create the vehicle can be another use of them which is not maintained by an investigation but I feel can be accessible.

In addition to fans that form side stability when their air flow is pressed outside, it should be able to create a type of airbag, which theoretically pushes from any arrival of air, which can produce air from the body. There are some mistakes in this theory. If this theory should be true, a mechanism should be placed on the front of the vehicle to push the air as far as possible from the remaining surfaces.

On one hand, there are two seats to show that you can eliminate these jewellery for a style rotated step by step. On the other hand, its video shows these puppies that fly without a single driver in sight. They are autonomous or can be controlled remotely. Finally, here it can be the last feature of the Nomad which is about the autonomous operation.

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