Dacia Spring EV Prices Announced, Starts From €12,264

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The Subsidiary of Eastern Europe of Renault promised to make the electromobility even more accessible for all as soon as the deliveries of their first battery model begins, Spring Dacia begins. Now is the time to determine the exact prices, both for the adoptive mortgage market of France, as well as for the current house market Romania.

With the help of the new strategy, which was adopted by the parent company, Dacia is directed to the EV segment with the introduction of spring, a small hatch that looks like a small SUV and you can see most of life in environments Urban.

Dacia Spring

Obviously, all of us know how Renault administers the effects of the scale that are required to reduce the price of a car equipped with batteries; The Spring of Dacia is actually the European version of the Chinese market Renault City K-ZE. However, it does not matter, although the automobile manufacturer managed to provide the price promise.

Spring, the place for a few adults in the front and plus two in the back, travels at the combined cycle WLTP or 305 km (190 miles) in the city WLTP up to 230 km (143 miles). The model is available in France in three versions this month. As previously announced, the company opens pre-orders for business (corporate company committed), the retail variant (March 20) and the loading model.

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While deliveries for the first two will start this fall (September at home in Romania), the load variant will be available from early 2022, so there are no prices and options for this, so it is not yet.

On the other hand, customers interested in France can take € 12,264 (less than $ 15,000 in current exchange rates) for the business model when subsidies are taken into account. It is € 16,800 without them, which corresponds to about 20,000 US dollars.

Choose the Comfort or Comfort Plus trims (dedicated to the retail market) and you can get a Spring for € 12,403 or € 13,498, respectively (or € 16,990 / € 18,490 without the government grant). In the meantime, at home in Romania, Dacia opens on 20 March from the Comfort Plus version, from 18,100 €. The model has the right to local subsidies of around 9,200 euros, that is, customers can receive one for less than € 9,000 (approximately € 10,800).

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