Convertible Cars Are Safer Than Hardtops!

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The latest study by IIHS shows Convertible cars are as safe as hardtops in case of collision and even a little safer.

Comparing the death rate per 10 billion vehicle miles, IIHS proved that the rate is almost 11 percent lower for drop-tops. The study also shoes that police-reported crashes are also 6 percent lower per 10 million vehicle miles for convertible cars.

The hardtop convertibles pioneer is continued by 10 percent lower injury rate. The injury rate for soft-top convertibles is also 3 percent lower. In crashes, the chances of leaving the cabin is 43 percent for convertibles and 35 percent for coupes.

Another reason why convertible cars tend to be safer is that they weigh more than coupes and it is proven that heavier car is safer.

Also as the convertible cars are more expensive, their owner’s average age is higher so they are less likely to drive in risky conditions.

The last figure that shows better safety of convertible cars is that the people don't use them that much during rainy or snowy days, a condition that there is a high risk of accidents.

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