Closer Look To The Ferrari SF90 Spider With Flavio Manzoni

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Every time you drive your car, a whole complex of small to big parts are working together to make the car moving even you can see it or not. That would not change the endless efforts of engineers to make a vehicle better ad better. Now Flavio Manzoni, the chief Design Officer of Ferrari is in front of camera to reveal just a little point of engineering on the Ferrari SF90 Spider.

Flavio Manzoni has a long experience on super-sport cars from Ferrari FF to SF90. Moreover, he is the head of design at Volkswagen Auto Group. It is a big opportunely to listen to an expert like him. Specially for Ferrari SF90, every single detail shows the perfect aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Beside the aerodynamics, the placement of all the components of the car is very important so that in addition to beauty, the performance of the car is not affected. On the other hand, financial aspect should be kept in mind too.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider has special figures on the cabin. It is very compact but also comfortable for passengers. Also, by using carbon fiber on the aerodynamics devises made the car lighter with more downforce as the same time. The spoon shapes on both sides of the car improves the airflows to slip around the car with minimum drag on the body and goes in to the air intakes.

Let’s stop reading. The explanations of the Manzoni are itself more helpful. Next time when you step on your Ferrari just consider the thousand hours, engineers spend on it to deliver such a masterpiece to you.

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