Citroen Basalt Is What We All wanted

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Citroen has unveiled the Basalt, a novel coupe crossover categorized as an "SUV Coupe," enriching its lineup developed and manufactured locally in India and South America. Serving as a precursor to the impending production model, the Basalt Vision offers a glimpse into what's to come, with sales anticipated to commence in the latter half of 2024.

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The front fascia bears a striking resemblance to the Citroen New C3 Aircross, albeit with some refined trim details.Notably, the Indian variant boasts upscale LED headlights, in contrast to the halogen units featured on the South American counterpart. The sleek silhouette of the concept shares design elements with the seven-seater SUV, sporting a gracefully sloping roofline that converges into a revamped rear section. Furthermore, it exhibits distinctive cladding around the wheel arches and stylish dark-finished alloy wheels.

The rear aspect of the Citroen Basalt commands attention, highlighted by an aggressively raked rear window, distinctive C-shaped LED taillights, a rugged bumper, and a sculpted tailgate complete with an integrated spoiler.

Citroen Basalt concept

While interior images were not presented during the reveal, expectations are that the Basalt will inherit technology from other Citroen models. The company emphasizes that the Basalt will prioritize "space and comfort," in line with the overarching ethos of the brand's lineup.

Based on the Smart Car architecture, an evolution of the CMP/eCMP platform, the Citroen Basalt has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers in India and South America. This bespoke configuration sets it apart from mechanically related models available in Europe, such as the Citroen e-C3.

Although details regarding powertrain options were not elaborated upon, it is anticipated that the familiar turbocharged 1.2-liter gasoline engine generating 108 horsepower will feature prominently. Additionally, rumors suggest that alongside the ICE-powered Basalt, a fully electric version may debut in 2025, potentially mirroring the specifications of the local New e-C3.

The adoption of the Basalt moniker for the final production model marks a departure from Citroen's conventional naming convention, typically characterized by the letter "C" followed by a numerical designation, or alternatively, the "X" letter for fastbacks or the "Aircross" designation for SUVs.

Citroen Basalt

Upon its launch in the latter part of 2024, the Citroen Basalt will vie for market share against competitors such as the Fiat Fastback in South America. In India, where the landscape is somewhat less crowded, the only other offering in the SUV coupe segment is the upcoming Tata Curvv, as most contenders comprise conventional SUVs or sedans.

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