Citroen And Rip Curl To Continue Their Joint Venture By Presenting Citroen Berlingo Rip Curl

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The two brands have intended to strengthen and continue their contract by introducing Berlingo Rip Curl special edition. The special edition model inherits RIP Curl’s dynamic personality and Citroen’s adventurous spirit. The new vehicle presents a whole new world of freedom and leisure.

Berlingo Rip Curl special edition side


Inside the cabin of the user-friendly Citroen Berlingo, we get to have three seats in the second row. The opening rear window at the back, fills the cabin with light a fresh air. The cargo part is pretty shabby with the capacity of 4,000 litres. You can carry bicycles and surfboards inside the cargo compartment. Berlingo Rip Curl is all about leisure, joy and freedom.

The exterior has a very beautiful design as well as the cabin. The Ochre color that we see both inside and outside, gives the car a charming and classy look. The partnership of the two companies and their own special signatures are obvious in the design. Berlingo Rip Curl special edition is equipped with Onyx mirror shells. The appearance of the bumper is really stylish. You can see the Rip Curl Wave sticker on the front doors as well. The car is especially designed for adventurous and family trips.

There are optional features offered with the additional kit. The features include more light and additional cargo space, a translucent arch, a storage bin, ambient lightning and a panoramic glass roof that comes with an electric sun shade.

Citroen Berlingo Rip Curl front


Berlingo Rip Curl will be available with three different types of engine. A BlueHDi 100 with a six-speed manual transmission, a BlueHDi 130 with six-speed manual gearbox and a PureTech 130 S&S EAT8.

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