Chrysler Grand Caravan To Be Made in Canada

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It was just a few months ago that Dodge Grand Caravan came to its end. Although this car was one of the American’s taste and the bestselling minivan in America in 2019 (71,947 units), the head leaders of this company decided to stop its production. Thanks to the production of this car, 1500 job opportunities were created.

But this is not the end of story for Grand Caravan. According to a report by Automotive News Canada, this car will continue to live not under the name of Dodge, but as a Chrysler. This new Caravan can be a good chose instead of Pacifica, while we expect to be cheaper and affordable.

As you see the pictures of this vehicle, you are maybe confused, because they are like the same of Chrysler Voyager. You are completely right. In fact, Grand Caravan is a redesigned Voyager for Canada. As Mike Szymkiewicz, the senior manager of product strategy and volume planning for FCA Canada, claimed, this name was chosen while Grand Caravan is broader recognized in Canada and as the same Dodge By getting rid of its minivan, can work on high-performance cars.

Chrysler Grand Caravan Price

According to the report, this car will have two kind of trim levels. The base one will start at $37,995. It is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 and nine-speed automatic transmission. It just looks like the Voyagers powertrain. The next trim, which named SXT, would costs you at least $39,995.

We expect to see the assembly plants this summer but the company didn’t set any exact time for it. By the way, production of this car doesn’t mean more jobs in Ontario.

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