Canoo Electric Truck, Joins The EV’s Club, Enough Space For Everything

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There are many great names in the field of electric cars, and yet this section of automation is vesting. Once a gain we are witness of a new born vehicle, which has not the sharp ends of Cybertruck, but is an electric truck. this is made by Canoo.

This electric truck comes from los Angeles. The hole body of it releases the taste of future. This vehicle is on the same platform of this company previous vehicles, but this one can be also a convenient bed which with a pull-out extension increasing length from six to eight feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters). To improve the safety after the extension, company placed a thin vertical strip of lights within the edges of the doors. There is also space for cargo.

canoo electric truck

the cargo divider system to secure various items while the sides of the bed have flip-down tables serving as workbenches. The side step helps to load the truck easily. Also below the built-in step is enough space to store a small cooler, first aid kit, laptop, and other things you need them.

If you want to handle your work too, maybe a work desk with extendable sides to hold various tools you might need on a work site, could help you. More space needed? The roof rack is a good solution. The camper shell or a roof-mounted tent can be used too. With this truck there is no need to worry about the power supplements. It has several ports. Also, the tired break lights, improve the light to supplement the LEDs surrounding the bed.

canoo electric truck

This truck of Canoo has been engineered with single or dual motor configurations. The dual mode goes with all-wheel drive and have the overall output of 600 horsepower with 746 Nm of torque. The full charge is enough to go 322 km but of course not with the maximum payload which is 816 kg.

It has the 18-inch wheels. And for this truck, company promised the steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire with tow hitch receiver and the ability to charge external devices for a whole day while losing only 10 percent of the range.

canoo electric truck

Delivery of this truck starts before 2023 and it is possible to make pre-order from the second quarter of this year. the other thig which shows the identity of this electric EV, is LOGO-less car. company believes every one just by looking at the lights, can say it’s a Canoo. So, try to keep the light shapes in mind.

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