Cadillac CT4 and CT5 Introduced for 2021 With Significant Changes

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In order to getting ready for the next year, Cadillac is making some significant changes to the Cadillac CT5 and Cadillac CT4 to introduce them as second models of new year. By these changes, customers have more options to choose their desire car and there is no limitation.


What is really offered are various models for 2021. For example, Premium Luxury, Sport, and V-Series trims are available or even Technology packages. Cadillac CT4 and CT5 has a new updated infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The rotary of the center console has a nowadays look too. Selecting now is much easier. Buckle to Drive is and standard option on all Cadillac cars. In occasions when driver forget to fasten the belt, this system doesn’t let the car to move and leave the park for 20 seconds. It is automatically activated by the company but you can deactivate it manually too.

Standard Options Of 2021 Sedans

The other standard option is the automatic emergency braking. This option was not in the previous CT4. The other facilities in the safety category are front pedestrian braking, forward collision alert, and safety alert seat. Also, as this company claimed another option for Teenagers to drive safer is considered, named “Teen Driver function”.

Diamond Sky Trim

For the premium trim, the Diamond sky edition offer some stylish trims. For CT4 and CT5 changes are a Diamond Sky Metallic paintjob along with rocker extensions and diffuser in the same hue. In the same time front grille has bright accents exclusive to this model. Also, for front brakes Brembo V is used and colors the axels in calipers blue.

CT5 2021 Diamond sky trim

Dimond Sky edition has changed the interior too. For pedals some special alloys was used and for CT4 a Centaurus Finish Aluminum trim is used. for the larger sedan CT5, is Galaxy Finish Wood trim. Both cars have leather seats in Sky Cool Gray/Jet Black.

enterior of cadillac CT4 Diamond sky trim

Moving to the V models, which has better material options and more leather. In the CT4-V trim the aluminum trim could be changed and fiber carbon instead used for the center console and a V-array is option to make the car sporty.

Company didn’t say any thing about the black wing version. But it is also possible to be debated this year with a 200-mph top speed engine.

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