Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ And Pur Sport Meet Each Other On Nardo

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Yesterday, Nardo track, was the host of two super cars of Bugatti. Bugatti Chiron Sport 300 and Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport competed on this field and challenged each other’s limit. Of course, it was a car test, however, watching such a expensive experiment has its own leisure. These two cars are the latest editions to the Chiron lineup.

Why Nardo Technical Center?

This center has an engineered race track for doing tests. Chiron’s were on the 12.6-km circular track. The diameter of this circle is 4 kilometers and has a slight angle of 12 degrees which makes it an ideal place for top speeds. The top speed on this ground is 400 km per hour and as its low parabolic profile, the centrifugal force is compensated so drivers don’t sense that they are in a circular path.

Nardo Piste

Chiron’s Test

For these tests, Chiron Super Sport 300+ which is aimed to hit the top speeds and Chiron Pur Sport, which has the best handling and agility engineering are chose. The Italian sent four of each Chiron’s which mentioned and a team of 37 members of Bugatti staffs. The tests took about four weeks’ time. It seems that engineering gathers nine gigabytes data. That is actually a huge data.

Hyper cars are already so fine and accurate so improving their performance requires endless efforts and exact engineering. Bugatti engineers gathers and compared so many data. One of them is the heat of critical points like engine and how to damp it or transmit it. In the Chiron Super Sport 300+, the engine and transmission needs to be stable and reliable in high speeds.

By the way, when you pay millions of dollars you expect high. These unique sight of view of Bugatti is the exact expectation of their customers what we get from it , as fans, is the high capability of the Chiron platform. By concentrating on one aspect of the car, it could gain huge achievements. We can’t wait to see them.

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