BMW Says Farewell to the X4

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Remember the BMW X4, that sleek SUV with a sporty, sloped roofline? Well, get ready to say goodbye! BMW has decided to discontinue the X4 after its current generation runs its course. This news might come as a surprise to some, especially considering the X4's popularity. But with the recent changes in BMW's lineup, it seems the X4 just doesn't have a place anymore.

When BMW unveiled the new X2 last year, it grew significantly bigger than the previous version. This bigger X2 started to look awfully similar to the X4, blurring the lines between the two models. Plus, the price difference between them shrunk considerably. Basically, for those shopping in this segment, it became harder to justify getting the X4 over the X2.

If you crave a luxurious, spacious SUV with a sporty edge, fear not! BMW suggests checking out the mighty X6. It's the bigger brother of the X4, offering all the luxury and performance you could ask for in a larger package.

But what if you're looking for something in between the size of the X2 and X6? Here's where the news gets interesting. BMW says their best-selling SUV, the X3, is the perfect replacement for the outgoing X4. Unlike the X2, the X3 boasts a rear-wheel drive platform and a powerful six-cylinder engine, just like the X4. Plus, the recently revamped X3 received some exciting upgrades, making it a strong contender in the luxury SUV arena.


Now, about the exact timeline for the X4's departure – BMW hasn't revealed an official date yet. However, with the new X3 deliveries starting later this year, it's safe to assume the X4's days are numbered. We're likely looking at a 2025 farewell for this model.

While the X4 with a gasoline engine is on its way out, there might be a future for its electric counterpart. Rumors suggest a fully electric iX4 is on the horizon, expected to arrive around 2027. This electric SUV will be built on a brand new platform called Neue Klasse. BMW is going all-in on electric vehicles, and the Neue Klasse platform is a key part of that strategy. They plan to launch at least six electric cars on this platform by 2028, and the iX4 could be one of them. This electric revolution also includes the confirmed iX3 crossover coming in 2025 and the i3 sedan expected in 2026.

So, while the X4 chapter is closing, it seems BMW is looking towards an electrified future. With a variety of electric vehicles on the way, including a potential electric successor to the X4, it's clear that BMW is committed to staying at the forefront of the automotive industry.

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