BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, New Means Of Metropolitan Transportation

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Europe is moving to the green continent at its most speed. From 2013 BMW has establish a new segment for developing scooters just not fun, but also for being a part of daily life transportation. Now the German famous Automaker, is presenting its new Electric Motorcycle. this BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is going to tackle the new means of transportation.

This plug in motorcycle in the first sight could be a little rush with muscular body. But as the company says about it, every single curve has its aim. Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad explains:

A design that follows the basic needs for simple functionality, clear aesthetics and the digital reality today’s users live in. The new architecture has led to a visual revolution and has produced many new design themes. Maybe it will polarise, but it will definitely stand out,

new BMW electric motorcycle CE 04

Curves of Design

This BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is something different from we know as Scooter. The silhouette is clearly not casual thing. Also, on the edges we can see sharp edges. as more space was required company decided to place the batteries under the body. So, having a bigger storage side container is possible. Also, by nearing the heavy core to the lower places, the handling is also improved. For designing this Electric Motorcycle, the base of the todays trend is visible “minimalist design”.

The lights are just very small U-shaped LED front lights. These very slim contours made the Rad more modern.

Combination Of Colors

When it comes to the art, combination of the white metallic and matt black, is so usual but having the orange Tones, that is like to say: “hello everybody I am here at the urban streets.” The matt black also on the front, make the look more serious but eventually this is not a professional race motorcycle.

Safe & Comfortable

As we said before, this Motorrad is going to act like a new transportation device, so it should be ready for every harsh situation. As the shortest distances in the big cities are 12 Km, the seats are designed to prove the rider convenience. also, the height of the seat is arranged to take on it so easily.

This little Motorrad has also a 10.25-inch display which is the largest in the scooter segment to date and acts as an interface between the digital and analogue worlds of the rider.

There is not yet any other information about the technical details, but the BMW Motorrad's electromobility strategy push the engineers forward to expand these types of motorcycles. we also should wait for other details.

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