BMW iX Last Endurance Test At The North Cape

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The BMW iX will be offered to the market next year, but its production has already started. The flagship’s final design was revealed in #NEXTGen 2020, and now the prototypes are being prepared for the final endurance test, in north of Scandinavia.

These ruthless winter tests take place under very cold weather conditions in order to evaluate the suspension systems and other features. Other technologies like the four-wheel drive, the charging technology, high-voltage batteries and heat management will be tested under sub-zero temperature.

BMW iX Winter Test

The BMW iX prototypes were taken to the most northerly places of Europe in order to be tested. Now the fifth-generation BMW eDrive and the suspension control system are supposed to prove themselves worthy in the hardest conditions of Finnish Lapland and to the North Cape on the Norwegian island of Magerøya. The test engineers are there to evaluate the performance and connection between the drive and suspension system on the icy roads.

The flagship is the first model of BMW company to be built based on a new construction concept. BMW iX is developed by BMW eDrive Technology and has a whole new electric and aerodynamic personality compared to its siblings. Two electric motors are mounted on BMW iX to generate 500 horsepower.

The final part of the test is to evaluate the model’s intelligent 4WD system and the axle adaptive adjustment. This part optimizes BMW iX’s efficiency, traction and stability.

The other parts of the are will face difficult challenges as well. For example, the high-voltage batteries and the charging technology will be put into test under low temperature every single day until the end of the process.

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