BMW Introduces iX5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV, The Future Of Vehicles

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BMW just previewed the new hydrogen fuel cell SUV known as the iX5 Hydrogen at IAA Mobility 2021. BMW believes hydrogen has a future in mobility, particularly in places where high-speed electric charging is unavailable. Of course, this is contingent on the development of a hydrogen infrastructure, which is now non-existent.

The iX5 has the same external design as the insane X5 M, but beneath the hood is a hydrogen-fueled electrical motor that produces up to 369 hp.

With fueling facilities nearby, the iX5 could fill its two carbon-fiber tanks with around 13 pounds of hydrogen in four minutes.

iX5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The iX5 Hydrogen follows in the footsteps of the conventional model, but with a distinctive front end that includes BMW I Blue highlights, unusual mesh inserts, and 3D printed components. The model also has a distinct back bumper and diffuser, as well as “hydrogen fuel cell” decals. They are accompanied by 22-inch aerodynamic wheels encased in sustainably manufactured tires composed of natural rubber and rayon. BMW didn't reveal much about the inside, although it's mostly the same as the regular model.

While BMW sees fuel cell cars in the future, the iX5 will remain a near-production test vehicle for the time being. For the time being, BMW intends to launch a short series manufacturing run of the iX5 Hydrogen next year.

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