BMW Debuts Neue Klasse EV Platform

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The current-generation BMW 3 Series (G20) has just been on the market since late 2018, and it has yet to get the usual Life Cycle Impulse (LCI), but new research attempts to predict the next-generation car. The electric version of the forthcoming updated vehicle will be built on the same CLAR chassis as the combustion-engined automobile.

BMW will debut the Neue Klasse architecture with a zero-emissions 3 Series, dubbed the "NK1" internally. It will not replace the ICE-powered model, but it will be replaced by a new generation with gasoline and diesel engines.

Without a combustion engine, the 3 Series will have a larger wheelbase and a flat floor.

BMW intends to utilize a lot of aluminum coupled with a carbon fiber "cage" body structure with CFRP in some sections to reduce the weight penalty imposed by the electric components.

At this time, details are few, but the story goes on to state that BMW is focused on an environmentally friendly interior made of recycled materials. BMW is developing its own electric motors, which are believed to be more powerful and efficient than those used in existing electric vehicles. Fast-charging at up to 350 kilowatts is planned for the electric 3er, which is expected to have a total range of more than 700 kilometers thanks to an advancement of existing battery technology.

Frank Weber, BMW's chief of research and development, has previously suggested that the Neue Klasse platform is being developed for performance vehicles, so an M-badged 3 Series EV looks plausible.

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