Bentley, More Customer Oriented Than Ever With 5,000 Different Options Of Interior

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Bentley the traditional English Automaker, but brand of high luxury cars, gives its customers a big variety of choice to have their dream vehicle. For extra rich buyers spending a bunch of more thousand pounds, is nothing. But instead they can have modernity and nobility together with their desire. Having some wood inside Bentley is normal. But company made the choices much more.

By recent additions, customers can have the interior which its suites their personality. New offers of painted veneers, open-pore wood, stone, and more in more colors are there. The wood inside the Bentley has the best material without any doubt (you can compare it with your kitchen cabinet) for example for the Bentley Continental GT you have seven wood variant options in monochrome or dual finish. The dual finish is the combination of two species and that comes in Bentley Mulliner Extended Veneer package.

new Bentley Continental interior

Wood isn’t enough? How about stones? The Mulliner Personal Commissioning program is an opportunity to have well quartzite stones in your cart. These stones come from India. The workers pick them up in hands and in the British automaker company quartzite stones are shaped and hand-finished. There are four different colors of these stone for the interior. Autumn White, Galaxy, Copper, and Terra Red. Also, you have a chance for a dual finish for the stone veneer.

Not satisfied? How about the Piano painted veneers? That is the next offer which suites well with any of the 88 exterior Bentley shades. Also, that matches with hide colors like Beluga, Burnt Oak, Cricket Ball, Cumbrian Green, Damson, Imperial Blue, and Linen or Porpoise. Moreover, the mirror-like finish with the final polish using lamb's wool.

interior of Bentley

Don’t like it so shiny? Don’t panic. Other option is a very thin layer of matt lacquer for protection. Liquid Amber, Dark Burr Walnut, and Tamo Ash veneers are the available options for finish. They are applied by hand and sanded between applications, ensuring the lacquer sticks to the grooves of the wood. By this way you can feel the luxury on top of your fingers.

Like modern trends? Bentley offers you technical finishes. That means the form of carbon fiber for that sporty aesthetic. For this option high-gloss carbon fiber is used for the all the veneer panels. This has a 3D appearance. Why are you waiting? Go ahead and order one, if you have the money.

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