Bayon, The Name Of The All-New Hyundai SUV

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Good news for Hyundai Motor fans! The beloved company has revealed the name of one its newest crossover SUVs and the market is going wild already! This SUV will be named Hyundai Bayon. This new model is going to be a critical part of the company’s SUV line-up, as it joins Kona, Tucson, NEXO and Santa Fe. The good news is that the European costumers won’t have to wait long before Hyundai Bayon hits the market. It will be available for the first half of the 2021.

The origin of the name goes back to Bayonne city in France. So basically, this is a European car with a European name. This city is located between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees mountains and is a great place for people who enjoy sailing or hiking. Bayonne has an adventurous spirit, just like Hyundai Bayon itself.

Hyundai Bayon

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing and Product department says

Hyundai is strongly established in the European SUV market already, in terms of our model range as well as our sales success. says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product. “By launching a new, additional B-segment model as the entry point into our SUV line-up, we see a great opportunity to cover European customers’ demand even better and to increase our offering in a highly popular segment

Interestingly, Hyundai Motor company has always had a good taste for choosing names. It usually is inspired by the names of different locations all around the world for naming its SUVs. For example, Tucson and Santa Fe are named after cities in Arizona and New Mexico. Kona is a district in Hawaii.

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