Aygo X Prologue Revealed, The Smallest Toyota SUV

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Toyota has revealed its the smallest SUV (or you can consider it as an SUV style) car known as the Aygo X Prologue which is a taller version of the A-segment Toyota Aygo that itself is the smallest Toyota.

While the old Aygo used to share its platform with Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, the new model is built on an in-house developed platform that is not shared with any French car. It will share its TNGA-B platform with the bigger Yaris Cross.

The Aygo X Prologue is a concept car for now but it is very likely for Toyota to make it as a production-ready car as the smallest SUV in the world. The main parts that are different from the standard hatchback Aygo are the pop-up door handles, new side mirrors, bigger wheels, and black wheel arches.

Toyota Aygo X Prologue

Toyota Aygo X Prologue benefits from a new feature called actin camera. This combines cameras on the side mirrors that according to the company can provide perfect capturing in case of an accident. The car also uses a bicycle holder on its rear skid plate and there is a new roof rack to increase the storage capacity.

At the rear, the new vertical taillights look like Volvo cars and buyers probably will be able to order a two-tone color for the exterior.

Aygo X Prologue

Under the hood, the Aygo X Prologue will come with combustion engines most likely to be a three-cylinder gasoline powertrain. Toyota probably will introduce the production model of the Aygo X Prologue by early 2022 or later this year.

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