Australia New Car Sales Rise, MG Enters Top 10 Best-Selling Car Makers

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The new turnover of the vehicle seems to push after the 2020 disappointment because of the Pandemic of COVIDA 19.

During the period of 2021, 83,977 vehicles were sold the same month last year, where 79,940 vehicles were sold. There were three Australian states and territories in which sales decreased, but Victoria (8.7%), Tasmania (3.9%) and the Territory of the Australian capital (relapse of 38.3%).

Like several other markets around the world, the Australian car buyers shift from long-established cars in SUV. In fact, the sale of cars in February 2021 decreased by 15.3% from February 2020, while SUV sales increased by 8.6%, and the brightness of commercial vehicles increased by 24.3%. Last month, a total of 42,651 SUV was sold compared to 12,194 cars.

Toyota maintains its firm point as the best-selling brand in the country, which changes to 35,194 vehicles to erase 21.5 percent of the advertise and up from the 32,488 vehicles sold on February 2020. Second, Mazda is a part of 10.3 percent of the bazaar with 16,830 sales. The third best-selling imprint was Hyundai (12,203 turnover), followed by Mitsubishi (11.381), Kia (11.371), Ford (9.811), Nissan (7.580), Subaru (5,862), Volkswagen (5.731) and in tenths, MG with 5,425 sales, a massive increase Sales 2,082, which was included in February 2020.

The most sold Australian vehicle in February was Toyota Hilux with 4,808 units sold and, above all, Ford Ranger, in the second, with 2900 sales, Toyota RAV4 with 2,750 sales and Toyota Landcrishers with 2,521 sales. The supervisors include Toyota Corolla (2.427), Hyundai i30 (2,210), Mazda CX-5 (2,048), ISUZU D-MAX (1.765), Mitsubishi Triton (1.761), Mitsubishi ASX with 1,489 sales.

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