Audi SQ2 Revised, A Nice Choice For Individualists

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Audi has made some changes and revised its SQ2, and now it has turned into compact SUV. The headlights and bumpers have changed and are totally new. So, now this lovely vehicle is sportier and more eye-catching than it used to be.

Originally, the Audi SQ2 was revealed to years ago and it was loved by the market since its first arrival. It is known as car for individualists.


The 2.0 TSFI engines produces 221kW power and 400Nm of torque. The speeds hits 100 km/h in only 4.9 seconds. The turbocharged and four-cylinder engine showcases a great performance with an excellent throttle response. Because of the flaps that exist in the exhaust system, the sound gets fuller as you accelerate. You can also enjoy driving with seven-speed S transmission. The suspension and steering of Audi SQ2 are pretty dynamic.

Audi SQ2 Rear End


SQ2 is 13.8ft long. The updates, have made the design more expressive and impressive both inside and outside. The slits between the hood and grille are narrow. The selenite silver painted frames are pretty and as they surround the air intakes. Audi has offered SQ2 with Matrix LED headlights, but you can get it with standard LED headlights too.

The materials used inside the cabin are upscale and you enjoy the quality for sure. The dark tone is chosen for the surfaces inside of Audi SQ2. The pedal caps are made of steel and almost stainless.

The automatic air conditioning system, a multifunctional steering wheel which is sport and sport seats add to the beauty of its interior design. You will also enjoy using the infotainment display since it provides Wi-Fi hotspot and Audi services with LTE plus speed. Other features such as Audi connect emergency call, Audi connect remote and control have been added to the updated Audi SQ2 as well.

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