Audi Q5 E-tron Just For China, A VW Under The Skin

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China is the only country around the world which will have the Audi Q5 e-tron. This vehicle is just a perfect copy of Volkswagen ID.6. so be aware, this vehicle is noting alike the Q5.

The 2022 Audi Q5 e-tron is based on VW ID.6 platform, that means this car just carries the Audi badge on it. the outside look of Q4 e-tron is changed in to the Q5. That’s all. This vehicle was already at the Shanghai Auto show this year. Although its Audi but the bounded companies with this project are SAIC and VW. For the second model, the Chinese partner would join the group too.

This is an electric SUV with three-row of seats and al in total seven seats. You can also have the six config too which has the second row just like the front seats with two separated seats. Company decided with making any changes, introduce it as a model, so it has 50 models from all-wheel drive to 83.4-kWh battery pack.

The most powerful of this line up, could provide you 302 hp of power, while the other model, e-tron 40 has just 201 horsepower. The platform is MEB which makes the details of the car so familiar to us.

The affordable mode is number 35. This one has a smaller battery with capacity of 55-kWh, so the output is significantly lower than others too. The costumers can have this vehicle with 177 hp of out put and rear-wheel drive system too.

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