Audi Light Technology, Definition Of Aesthetics And Function Through Time

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For more than 20 years, Audi has been leading the way towards futuristic lighting technology. The company has always been innovative and creates something which is a combination of design and technology.

Audi TechTalk Light reveals that the company is eager to personalize its design to deliver the meaning of external communication, digging deeper to deliver an insight and the philosophy of the company’s latest lighting technology.

Different & New Dimensions

Lighting technology has changed through time and different advancements, like shifting from halogen lights to xenon headlights and then to LED lights. These drastic changes happened during two decades. In 20 years, Audi has always been updated, and it has upgraded its models to the technology of the day. Now the company has used digital OLED rear lamp for the new Audi Q5 model.


Audi has always looked ahead of its days and has tried to use the newest technology to take over its rivals. In 2004, the brand used LED headlights as daytime lights for Audi A8. In 2008, it shifted to full LED headlights with R8. The improvements list goes on, and eventually in 2019, Audi introduced its digital Matrix LED headlights with its first pure electric model, Audi e-tron.

These advancements are not limited to headlights, as the rear lights technology have always changed as well. For example, Audi TT RS pushed OLED rear lights into a whole new era.

Audi is known as the first carmaker to digitize the rear lights and open a new chapter in designing, styling and safety of the light technology.

Audi Lighting

Right now, the company is working on flexible digital OLED lights. Audi has decided to use flexible materials such as thin glass, plastic films and metal foils in order to revolutionize the innovation and technology.

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