Appel Produces Its Electric Car All Alone, Giant Automakers Refused To Help

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The future is for electric cars with high technologies. All ones know. Because of this issue, many big brands want a piece of this big pie market, and Appel is one of these. Although this big company has announced some potentials for electric cars production since 2015, but now it seems they are really serios. According to some reports, this company will product its own car by its own.

Appel has already done some development on this project, but to boost up it needed some experienced, so this company asked some famous companies like Hyundai, Nissan, Magna, and most recently Toyota. But as expected, no chance. (It is also not logical to make your own competitor brand!). So, this American company changed it plans and does it without any companies’ cooperation.

As the, the Korean newspaper reports, Appel is restoring its vehicle development center and is processing the documents required for Apple to secure the necessary supplier contracts. This decision is made, as other automakers refused to work Apple, (and Apple won’t give up). So, after some failed meetings, the firm didn’t wait any more and started by its own.

As it is clear, Appel will do something unique, just like the other staffs it makes. Some high-tech electric vehicle is what we expect. Its not important how the path is difficult and how much financial risk Appel will take, the result could be extra ordinary, Or maybe just like the phones, simple design but long lasting. Producing such a car needs at least four years of development. Maybe by 2030 we could see apples cars in streets.

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