Amazon Gets Its Delivery Vans First From Rivian, Others Should Wait For The Electric Trucks

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Rivian R1T after the debut in two models of standard and IL, found its fans very soon. Many people are interested in this van and are looking forward to the delivery time and costs. But it seems, Rivian did a priority to Amazon company. They want to get the van ready for the all-electric Amazon delivery army and then they come back to people.

By a report from Tesalati, the CEO of company, put the majority focus of company on Amazon. Rj Scaringe, the CEO of Rivian sees the bright sight of 300 vans for Amazon by end of 2021. Then more than 10,000 unites join the others by end of 2022. It may take for a decade that Rivian could replace 100,000 Amazon delivery vans with all-electric ones.

The problem is, production procedure is very slow. And on the other hand, local costumers are also waiting for their R1T and R1S. So, maybe Rivian loses a big part of market. However, it seems, they are pleased with a secure investor, and plans to enter the stock market via an IPO, being on good terms with Amazon is likely key.

The refundable deposit for R1T and R1S on IPO is just 50,000. Maybe for a new born automaker that’s good, but in compare with other companies which are the real danger for Rivian, that’s nothing. Ford has 150,000 orders for F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck has over 1 million pre-orders.

rivian r1t electric truck

Rivian should be aware, if they don’t act soon, maybe they lose the market to others, and potential customers change their minds to other electric trucks. Amazon’s order may finish soon, but how can Rivian win back people trust again?

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