Alpincamper Opel Vivaro Camper Revealed

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Opel has determined that the Opel Vivaro, despite being best known in Europe as a delivery vehicle, would also make a wonderful camper van. The family- or couple-friendly Alpincamper Vivaro 2 and 4 motorhomes were revealed by the carmaker today.

But the Alpincamper Vivaro 2 is made for individuals or couples who like to camp alone. Thus, the absence of a sleeping surface in the pop-up tent is the primary distinction. It is solely meant to provide greater headroom, not anything else. Also, it comes with a foldable table, an integrated sink, and a two-burner stove with electric ignition.

All variants include driver assistance features including rear park pilot and hill descent control to make camping more convenient as well as an air conditioning system, an extra camping battery, and digital radio.

Alpincamper Opel Vivaro Camper

The larger model, which sleeps four people and was developed with the assistance of German conversion experts Alpincamper, has a pop-up tent. It has two additional back seats with Isofix car seat attachments in addition to the two front seats.

A kitchen with a sink, fresh and waste water tanks, an automatic tap, and cabinetry for kitchenware is also included in the Opel Alpincamper Vivaro 4. Also typical are a single-burner gas-powered stove and a compressor coolbox.

The rear bench can be made into a double bed with measurements of 3.9 by 6.3 feet/1.2 by 1.95 meters once you get to the campsite. Also, the pop-up ceiling improves standing comfort, or another double bed with the same dimensions as the lower bed can be installed. Sleepers will need to brush their feet extremely thoroughly before getting into bed because they can reach them by climbing over the front seats.

Opel Vivaro Camper

It has a Webasto auxiliary heater and is entirely felt-insulated to maintain a warm interior. If you drank too many drinks while gathered around the campfire, blackout curtains may be able to help you get some shut-eye. Warm light is provided by LED bulbs in the living area.

In addition, the conversion specialists provide optional accessories such as a cassette awning, a multi-rail to which a sun sail can be attached, and solar panels. For the more adventurous camper, it can even be outfitted with off-road tires to complement its extra 25 mm of ground clearance.

Opel has not disclosed the cost of the conversion, but those interested can contact Alpincamper for a quote.

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