All-New 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Finally Revealed + Video & Photos

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After a long marathon of teasers and photos, now the German company revealed its newest masterwork. The 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class is without any doubts one of the best sedans ever. This new car has so many elements to make its self-one of the nominations of the best sedans. From the Iconic Look to the high technologies which are used, every single feature are modern and somehow necessary.

To count all the new features, we need more than one article but some of the most important new elements could be two hybridized engine options, a massive central touchscreen with the latest MBUX infotainment setup, and more active safety technology than ever before. Below, there are some information about this 2021 S-Class.

Appearance: Familiar With Aerodynamics

Although these days cars are made with sharp edges, Mercedes tried to be more engineering. The hood is longer now and the headlights and wheels are sharper. When we are moving to the rear of the car, shoulder becomes more and more smoother, and after three generation this car has horizontal taillight.

Even to reduce the drag, and increasing the enchantment of S-Class, you can’t see the door handles is out if the body curves. It is completely embedded in the body. The Aero stripes could be the other unique Idea. Aero stripes are inside the mirrors and the help to improve airflow around the car. By these details, 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class with the 0.22 Drag coefficient is now one of the World’s most aerodynamic car.

S-class 2021 new door handels

This new 2021 S-Class is a bit longer and wider and taller than the its forerunners. These changes also changed the wheelbase too. Germans altered it about 2.0 inches, the front track by 1.4 inches, and the rear track by 2.0 inches. So, the sport look of the car was maintained.

2021 S-Class Better CD

In To The Car: In To The Unknown

Interior of the S-Class is not a simple design. It has so many curves and facilities but what is so eye-catching, is the big touchscreen. It slightly goes up from the center console. The new hardware of it, is one of the biggest alterations. The engineers decided to omit 27 Knobs and dials and instead of them, use voice or touch controllers.

New Sleek air vents, new carbon fiber or piano black wood color offers for dashboard, new 4D surround sound system with 30 loudspeakers and 8 resonators, new steering wheel with hands-off recognition system, high-quality seats, Nappa leather finish, available in a few different colors, heating, ventilating and 10 different massage functions for the seats and so many fascinating items are avail be just in a single car.

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior

Other feature is the Energizing. this function allows us to choose a mode from the 6 modes of Refresh, Warmth, Vitality, Enjoyment, Well-Being, and Training and let the car adjusts it self with us. By choosing one option music, ambient lighting, seat positioning, and air conditioning adjusts it self with the situation to create more desire. In this 2021 car, these options are for the second-row passengers too.

Technology, Unlimited

String with the central console touchscreen, which is an OLED (I even don’t have one at home!). OLED in comparing with traditional LCD (LCD is already traditional!), has crisper graphics, deeper blacks, and more natural colors, all while consuming 30 percent less energy. Also, the Voice assistance, by the new updated can do more than telling jokes. By calling “Hey Mercedes”, your assistance can handle duties like Bluetooth connectivity, answers to commands like "accept call," and even understands up to 27 different languages. Plus, now even second-row passengers can use it.

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Backseats Screen

MBUX carry out the navigation duty too. The AR navigation now projects a crisper readout onto the head-up display – which corresponds to a massive 77.0 inches diagonally – instead of the central screen, and can project an image virtually at a distance of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

The central screen is not the only screen in this car. for rear seats tow 11.6 inches display are mounted to the front seatbacks and a portable 7.0 inches table in the center console for the Business Center Console package. For accessing the center screen both rear seats and driver are eligible to see their personal profiles and use their own music and multimedia.

Power And Performance

The 2021 Mercedes Benz S500 would have a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with an integrated starter-generator with EQ Boost which is actually a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. This system is available in another modern Mercedes’s too. That powertrain is an appropriate option for 429-hp out put and 384-lbf of torque. With the EQ booster an additional 184 lb-ft and 21-hp is available. S580 has automaker’s twin-turbocharged V8 good for 469 hp and 516 lb-ft – an improvement of six hp.

Best Safety Ever

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class is safer than ever. The list of the safety items include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, active steering assist, lane-keep assist, lane-change assist, traffic sign recognition, front and rear cross-traffic alert, and active blind-spot monitoring. You don’t even need to move the steering wheel with hands-off recognition system. S-Class also offers a special blind-spot warning for drivers exiting their vehicles, and is the first car to offer rear-seat airbags to protect second-row passengers from a head-on collision, as well as a special blind-spot warning for drivers exiting their vehicles.

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Price

They are no exact information about the price of the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class till now but what is expected is about $ 94.250. We hope that this car be available by the first half of the 2021.

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