After More Than One Decade, Nissan GT-R Debuts a Hybrid Engine Due 2023

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Nissan GT-R, a familiar name in auto industry, has more surprises for future. This car has the longest-running platform for a nameplate. For the first time this version of the current GT-R was revealed in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and just after some months, this car was put its wheels on the USA. Now Nissan has plans for a new powertrain for years ahead.

2020 Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R till now has experienced several updates, like the most recent one by Italdesign, but the soul of the Nissan hasn’t changed. This car is the same car under its skin and takes time to have a complete new important reason that company didn’t want to develop it is its affordability. Fortunately, according to Automotive News, it wont take long to see the next-generation of Nissans sport cars flagship.

Inside Nissan GT-R 2020

As Automotive News did an interview with Nissan Motor Co, this company put the target to process of massive lineup revamp in U.S. that includes Nissan GT-R too. It seems that company has already started its new rendering and put its maximum effort to introduce a new GT-R in 2023. This just a two-short year.

New GT-R is not just a new platform, it actually a new Electric engine. Automotive News said that Nissan wants to use a performance-oriented hybrid powertrain with a kinetic energy recovery system. Some other of this Japanese car like Le Mans race car or GT-R LM Nismo took advantage of this technology. Of course, there are some contrariety news spreading around. Some believes that the upcoming R36 can’t be hybrid, while some other people believe that this available GT-R be still the latest model till 2027. But both of this news are violated.

Nissan had faced many different hard situations last year but we can see that this firm has recovered itself and is ready to compete with other factories again. It is also a delighting news to hear that its new car won’t just sit on the warehouse’s shelf. By the way we should wait to see if an official confirms it or not.

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