AC Schnitzer Upgraded BMW 5 Series G30 Aerodynamic & Performance

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AC Schnitzer revealed its upgrade kit for the facelifted version of the BMW 5 series G30 and G31. The upgrade kit contains interior and exterior upgrades including spoiler side skirts Francis splitter carbon fiber front spoiler and wheels.


Under the hood AC Schnitzer is based on the BMW M550i xDrive the car uses the 4.4L to interval charge via engine the pump sound 522 horsepower and 750 nm of torque on the standard form but the tuner increase the power to 611 horsepower and 840 nm of torque buyers who have the 540i models also can increase their power output figures from 328 horsepower and 450 nm to 400 horsepower and 540 nm of torque.

AC Schnitzer BMW

The kids also contain four tailpipes and can be installed on the other 5 series codes like 520d 530d and 540d the tuner also lowered the ride by 30 mm thanks to the new suspension system but this kid is not available for hybrid variants of the BMW 5 series.

AC Schnitzer BMW 5 Series

AC Schneider kids he's also available for the BMW G31 touring body buyers also can choose between 19 and 21-inch wheels that are called ac1 and AC3 inside the cabin changes are minor but buyers can get aluminum pedal shifters, aluminum pedals, and a new iDrive controller joystick.

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