A Very Bespoke Bentley Bentayga With Angry Red & Black Taste

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Bentley is itself a very well-designed car. Despite of this, there are so many reshaped ones by different tuners. What we can see here is a combination of (can’t say the word) non-ever-harmonic details. In this very bespoke design, we see a huge car which is now huger but somehow creeps on the floor. But even uninteresting design, some years later can be interesting and become piece of art. For now, just let’s survey this new taste of art.

very bespoke Bentely 2019

Big Exterior

All of us know, Mansory company and hopefully its not a work by Mansory, it has the signature of Creative Bespoke. Its not very hard to recognize the wide body kit, with wide fender and widest skirt extensions. Its look like Jason Statham wears Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shirt. The new front apron with side blades, hood, diffuser, roof wing and tailgate spoiler. The black color on it gave an aggressive look. But you can find also some red accents too.

bentely 2019 bespoke design

bentely 2019 bespoke design

Best Technology, Worst …

Interior is odder than exterior. Inside the car you can find very high-quality leather but in tons of red (which is in spectrum of pink) and black. This isn’t a new thing to see this too combination, but the diamond design on it and the marque of Bentley, takes us to the hippie ages.

Bentely Bentayga 2019 bespoke design

If we forget the color, this vehicle has noting less than Bentley Bentayga. Every thing is there for you. the infotainment system to the analogue clock sitting between the mid-air vents, sunroof, multi-zone climate control, premium audio, sat-nav, heated power seats, electric tailgate, night vision and more.

bentely 2019 bespoke design interior

Still A Powerful Engine

This redesigned car has still a powerful engine. The twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine under the hood is now tuned to 700 horsepower. This engine just in 4.4 seconds can speed up to 100 km/h . with this heavy look it’s a good timing. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 290 km/h.

bentely 2019 bespoke tuned

High Cost

As tuner of this 2019 Bentley Bentayga urges this “rolling work of art “costs you just $239,000. It is about just $90k more than a standard 2019 Bentayga. And if you insist to set fire on your money you can give away a $55,500 more for the same upgrades on the 2021 model.

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