A new Pagani Zonda is coming In 2022

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Pagani said in 2019 that they would not be producing any new Zondas, only new versions based on the current chassis. Fast forward to 2022, and LMM Design has revealed a new Zonda on Instagram, which will purportedly be Pagani's crazy 760 Series' fifth and last entry.

On behalf of a long-term client, LMM Design is in charge of specifying every aspect of the design for the particular machine. Pagani is in charge of the actual construction at its plant.

While the label "brand new" is self-explanatory, we can't help but question whether this project was built on top of an existing Zonda. The hypercar's exact characteristics will be revealed soon by the business. We just have a few teaser photographs of the production process till then.

The supercar's body looks to be totally made of exposed carbon fiber in the teaser shot, but it doesn't seem remarkable enough for the machine.

Pagani Zonda

The remaining photographs show how this Zonda was put together. The carbon fiber monocoque is clearly visible. The engine is being installed into the rear sub-frame by the workmen.

This car, like others in the Zonda 760 series, is believed to be powered by a Mercedes-AMG-sourced 7.3-liter V12 engine with 760 horsepower and 780 Nm of torque.

The Zonda Roadster will be unveiled in 2022, according to LMM Design. However, because the year is still early, it might be months before we see the finished machine.

When it comes to the price, we're talking about a multi-million dollar transaction, as Zondas have increased in value and are rarely auctioned.

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