A Great Sale Record For Toyota Venza (Harrier), Much More Than Expected

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This spring, Toyota introduced its new SUV named Venza. Like other new cars, it was predictable that this car would be in favor of people. But they didn’t expect that it would be so much popular which 15 times more orders being registered.

Venza Or Harrier

You my wonder what did make this car so beloved. If you don’t know Venza is actually Toyota Harrier. Harrier was always Japanese’s chose. Just in 1997, 672000 units of Harrier was sold.

2021 Toyota Venza

From those times, when it had been still called Lexus RX, this car gad had a good sale rank in Japan. Now Venza is like a second-generation Vehicle with a digital launch. This perfect-looking car just in a few months faced so many facelifts. But all these changes didn’t affect its lovers.

Venza On The Sale

Venzas love had a tangible influence on sale. As it was reported by Asahi.com, there is still tight struggle amount of orders. In fact, this company put a target on at leas 3100 orders at first.

2021 Toyota Venza Interior

But as the time passes and the world recovers itself from Corona virus and economy has a better situation, people are taking less to care of their money. What did really happen, was 45,000 orders, which was very unexpected for Toyota. This is 15 times more than monthly sales target. This car has a great success just in Japan 680000 units has bee sold just from its introduction. The Price rage of this crossover is from 2.99 million yen to 5.4 million yen including consumption tax.

Venza In The USA

Although there was a lot of speculation about the return of this car to the United States, but today this car will definitely come to the American market and will be sold this summer. Venza is built up on the TNGA-K platform and the power unit is a 2.5-liter inline-four-cylinder engine mated to 3 electric motors and a CVT. Its engine has a 219 horsepower (163 kilowatts) power and features Electric ON-Demand-all-wheel drive.

Source: www.asahi.com
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