3D Touch Buttons On The Future Cars’ Door Handles Might Come True

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Finland’s Canatu is a technology company with brilliant ideas and innovation. Right now, this firm is one of the lead developers and manufacturers of stretchable and 3D films, touch sensor and is the innovator of heated headlight system, which was introduced earlier.

The activities of this company are not limited to safety features only. Right now, Canatu is working with a Japanese automotive interiors and vehicle/motorcycle seats supplier, named TS Tech. They have teamed up to work on a very cool project, featuring a whole new perspective for the innovation and technology of future vehicles of automotive world.

The two innovation companies, have introduced 3D touch buttons for built-in applications. Right now, it is going through its early stages. But the Canatu and TS Tech have succeeded to design and develop human-machine interfaces for the future autonomous cars.

3D touch buttons 1

How does it work?

According to these tech companies, in the future level 3 autonomous vehicles, the drivers will sit in a relaxing posture (probably leans back) to be comfortable. In this position, reaching the dashboard is not very easy and the driver will need some help with that. So, that’s when the 3D Touch buttons on the inner door handles could be useful.

These switches are made with TS Tech’s door trim technology and Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud (CNB) film, which is totally transparent and invisible. There will be some touch buttons on the door grips. The innovation is both beautiful and efficient.

A3D touch buttons 2

According to Canatu, with the help of CNB technology, any surface of the car can have touch buttons. TS Tech is responsible for the beautiful design. This system allows you to control most features with ease.

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