2023 Peugeot e-208 Specifications

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The e-208 is currently the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe's B-segment, and the manufacturer anticipates continued strong demand after the 2023 update. Major updates are made to the Peugeot e-208 for 2023. Peugeot released all of the information on its newest electric vehicle last week.

A heat pump that collaborates with a humidity sensor that is installed on top of the windscreen was one among the changes made to the 2023 e-208 for the model year before. By implementing this modification, the energy used for heating and cooling will be maximized. Peugeot modified the gearbox and put 16-inch wheels with low-rolling resistance tires for increased range outside of towns.

The Peugeot e-208 of 2023 is powered by a more powerful electric motor that generates 156 hp, or 20 hp more than before. The 260 Newton-meters of torque, which is immediately available, is the same as in the last iteration of the zero-emissions subcompact vehicle. Its performance hasn't been disclosed, although it's probably a little faster than its predecessor, which required 8.1 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h.

The electric supermini now enjoys another noteworthy boost following a version introduced at the end of last year in which it acquired an additional 6.5 percent of range equivalent to 22 km.

Peugeot e-208

The EV also receives a new battery pack with an useful capacity of 48.1 kWh and a 400 volt operational voltage. Based on the WLTP cycle, it extends range by 10.5 percent and allows the compact electric hatchback to travel up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. Due to the two technical upgrades, it now offers 17.65 percent longer range and uses 15% less energy than the initial version released at the end of 2019.

When charging the battery pack at a rate of up to 100 kW, the SOC increases from 20 to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes.

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