2023 Nissan Serena revealed In Japan

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Although minivans are not the most thrilling vehicles, they are still quite common in some countries, including Japan. For the 2023 model year, Nissan has now unveiled the sixth-generation Serena minivan.

The Nissan Serena, which was first unveiled in the early 1990s, has since evolved into a more modern minivan with the newest technology and an even more roomy interior that can accommodate eight people.

The new Serena features headlights that blend in with the broad grille and Nissan's most recent design language. All lights are LEDs, and the passenger-side sliding door has a hands-free, automatic opening mechanism.

2023 Nissan Serena

The styling of the minivan comes in two slightly different iterations. the very best The side skirts and bumpers on the Serena Luxion are more pronounced, and the grille is blending into the lower intake. The Autech version, which has a chrome-infused exterior and different interior upholstery, is another option for those seeking something sportier and more upscale.

Nissan Serena

The Nissan Serena is either 1,695 mm or 1,715 mm wide and 4,690 mm or 4,765 mm long, depending on the trim level. Additionally, height varies between variants; some are 1,870 mm tall, while others are 1885 mm or 1895 mm tall. There are two possible wheelbase measurements: 3,135 mm and 3,145 mm. The weight varies from 2,110 to 2,235 kilograms depending on the specification.

The dashboard is quite contemporary inside, featuring a fully digital cockpit, a button-operated automatic transmission, and a touch-sensitive panel for the climate controls next to it. Driver legroom is 120 mm more in the new generation than the previous one. It has a multi-purpose center seat in the second row that converts it from a 7- to an 8-seater interior. Smartphone pockets, cupholders, USB ports, and onboard Wi-Fi are available to every passenger.


The minivan also has a dual tailgate for simpler loading and optional hands-free sliding doors. The range-topping Luxion trim level with e-Power has ProPilot 2.0, which enables hands-free driving in a single lane on a highway at speeds of 40 km/h and above.

The gasoline version is powered by a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 150 horsepower and 200 Newton-meters of torque, available with or without all-wheel drive and a CVT. A hybrid e-Power model is also available, with a new and quieter 1.4-liter engine producing 98 hp and 123 Nm. The total system output when combined with the electric motor is 163 hp and 315 Nm.

In Japan, the new Nissan Serena is already available for order. The entry-level ICE-powered trim costs $20,098 and the flagship e-Power Luxion hybrid costs $34,842.

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