2022 Ford Maverick Will Debut On June 8th, Gabrielle Union Leads The Show

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Ford is getting ready to introduce its Maverick to the world. This time they asked Gabrielle Union to be part of debut ceremony on 8th of June. This actress is helping Ford to present this small new vehicle. You can see the debut on Instagram, Tiktok, and Hulu, among other social media channels.

2022 ford maverick

Blue oval, has already decided about its potential customers. By the previous videos, this company tried to attract the attention of urban citizens. Maveric is in fact very suitable for city streets, and in the same time has the look of adventures. "The truck you didn't see coming is coming."

All the details by now are just like other trucks, the e front-wheel drive with halogen headlights and unpainted, plastic bumpers, nothing special. This pickup has steel wheels with not much muscular tires and the twist-beam rear suspension. This regular Blue oval vehicle costs you less than $20,000.

To be impressed by the new Maverick you should pay more. By more expensive trim levels, you can enjoy the all-wheel drive and an independent rear suspension. There's also a sliding rear window for more ventilation in the cabin.

The platform of this vehicle is the same with the Bronco Sport and Scape, so maybe same powertrain lays under the hood. If we stick to this theory, it would have a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder with 180 hp output and delivers 240 Nm of torque to the wheels. And of course, later we can see the hybrid model too.

It seems that the sale will be in fall started and the plant in Hermosillo, Mexico is responsible of the production. Back to our actress, it seems that she really is a fan of Ford. In 2020 she gave her husband a 1974 Ford Bronco as the Father’s Day gift. Maybe, she could convince us to buy this truck.

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