2022 Ford E-Transit Debuts This Sommer, Its Saves 40 Percent Of Operating Costs

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Ford has launched a reservation portal for the 2022 E-Transit and revealed pricing information. Orders are expected to begin in July, and dealers will be kept busy because more than 450 commercial customers in North America have shown interest in buying the electric van.

There will be chassis cab and cutaway versions, as well as cargo vans with three roof heights and three dimensions, eligible for the E-Transit. Whatever variant is chosen, both have a 67 kWh battery pack and an electric motor with an estimated 266 hp and 429 Nm of torque.

Ford E-Transit

Although the Ford E-Transit low-roof freight van has several options and a powerful electric motor, its target range is just 126 miles 203 kilometers. That's not particularly noteworthy, but Ford points out that the average commercial van only travels 119 kilometers a day.

In comparison to the gas-powered Transit, the battery-powered E-Transit is said to have 40% lower operating costs over eight years/161,000 km than the ICE equivalent. Ford claims that by reducing fill-ups, businesses will be able to increase customer uptime and reliability – but this conveniently ignores the fact that the E-Transit will continue to be recharged. The E-Transit has both AC and DC quick charging, as well as a regular Ford Mobile Charger that can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet for slow and steady charging or a 240-volt outlet for quicker charging. The Ford Connected Charge Station, which is available as an alternative, provides the quickest home charging that will completely charge the battery in 8 hours.


The price of a 2022 Ford E-Transit starts at $43,295 USD. The orders will be available this summer? The E-Transit high-roof extended-wheelbase cargo van will start at $52,690.

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