2022 Bentley Continental GT Announced, Fascinating Speed

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Bentley has unveiled its 2022 Bentley Continental GT

. This new Luxury could be one of the most important products ever for this English automaker, as it’s pushing the GT’s Speed to the next level. This coupe with its wide and big front grille may bring challenges to the other in-class cars.

The big question for this new vehicle of Bentley is how they reach this point after 101 year! although this company keep its traditional philosophy of designing with the size and weight, it has added much power to the engine.


This new Continental is equipped with the famous 6.0-liter W12 TSI as the heart of this car but is has experienced many upgrading processes. This engine has now an output of 650 hp and also delivers 900 Nm of torque through its eight-speed transmission system. Thanks to its dual clutch and transmission, this vehicle becomes twice faster in the sport mode than the standard Continental GT W12. The 2022 Bentley Continental GT could hit 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

2022 Bentley Continental GT

The engine of this vehicle carries 2,268 kilograms. Its actually a heavy car. in the same cases with this car, not just acceleration is important, but also controlling it on the road is one of the vital issue. The Electronic All-Wheel Steering system helps to improve the holding and also provides many driving modes too.

2022 Bentley Continental GT

One of these modes is the Sport mode. This GT look really needs a Sport mode! By activating this driving mode, the steering works together with the Bentley Dynamic Ride adaptive suspension and electronic limited-slip differential for a level of agility. this option has not ever used on any other Bentley’s and this is the first time for it on the GT.

The other mode which will be used widely, is the comfort mode. On this steering mode it would brings a balance between the front and rear wheels, while the Sport mode has been calibrated with a more rear-biased torque–split. This is the first time in Bentley history that the Continental GT Speed latest generation introduces an electronic rear differential (eLSD).

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