2021 Toyota Mirai FCV Introduced With 30% Better Range

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The 2021 Toyota Mirai will soon enter the market with three hydrogen storage tanks that can provide 850 km of driving range. If the new Toyota Mirai can reach the claimed driving range it shows that it has about 30% better range compared to the previous model.

This driving range increase is very important because there are not many hydrogen refueling stations on the roads.

On the design side, the 2021 Toyota Mirai is almost identical to the concept car that Toyota revealed last year. While the previous Mirai had a odd design just as the Toyota Prius the new one features more luxury design language.

Toyota Mirai

Inside the cabin, there are also new features like a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, fully digital instrument cluster, leather seats, digital rearview mirror, a panoramic sunroof, and a roomier rear seat with climate controls on the armrest.

The new Toyota Mirai is a rear-wheel drive car with a more powerful electric motor that pumps out 180 hp and 300 nm of torque. These power and torque figures enable the Mirai to hit the top speed of 175 kph.

Toyota Mirai uses the same platform as Toyota Crown and Lexus LS but with 50:50 weight distribution, it provides good stability and driving pleasure.

2021 Toyota Mirai

The main market for the Toyota Mirai is the United States it will be available with Hydro Blue, Oxygen White, Heavy Metal, Supersonic Red and Black body paints there.

Toyota will release more detail about the 2021 Mirai by next month.

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