2021 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Will Look Like This

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Mercedes Benz this week revealed a latest generation of its flagship luxury sedan 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class called W223. Revealing of the W223 received lots of negative and positives reactions, however, there is no doubt that this car is a masterpiece of art when it comes to technology.


Under the hood, the most powerful engine that confirmed for this S-Class is S580 with a 4 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine which is a mild hybrid car equipped with a 48 volt electric system. The total output of the engine is 496 horsepower which is pretty good for a full size luxury sedan.

2021 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Although Mercedes-Benz hasn't revealed the AMG version yet but we can expect that the S63 will use the same 4L to interval charge V8 engine as E63 and AMG GT 63s 4 door. The engine on the following models pumps out 612 horsepower and 900 mm of torque.

2021 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Our guys in Carsbite made a digital render of the 2021 Mercedes Benz S63. The car as you can see is equated with the sport bumpers and beefier. In side skirts, we also can expect sporty tuned suspension and new exhaust system while this is nothing more than a digital render but we can expect the real S63 to be very similar to the picture.

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stuart chilman
January 16, 2021

I like the grill style,, i wasnt sure about the 1958 style Chevy corvette grill on the Mercedes in the first place,, this car looks amazing and id go for it,.Stu

February 25, 2022

This is beautiful.