2021 Hyundai Casper Debuts In South Korean Market, The Interior Is Amazingly Small

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Hyundai introduces its new crossover to the hole lands market. Casper is a very small, comfortable, and also Korean vehicle. This little car is tagged as the cheapest crossover of the company, although this vehicle at the international market is has two bigger models.

2021 hyundai casper

This two-row crossover is only 3,595 millimeters (141.5 inches) long, 1,595 mm (62.8 in) wide, 1,575 mm (62 in) tall, and features a 2.4-meter (94.5-inch) wheelbase. But these compact numbers didn’t stop Korean creativity to use the most advantages of the cabins space. The center console is admitted to make more space for the seats, also the front seats can be folded to make more space for a maybe small camping. New photos told so.

The rear seats, just like the front ones are foldable. And also, can be slide for 6.3 inches. Totally, when the back seats are folded by maximum angle, an object with 81 mm long can be fitted and the capacity increases to 301 liters.

2021 hyunda casper

This petite car is also safe enough. Seven airbags are used and also safety assistance system comes along too. The system covers lane-keeping assist and forward-collision warning assist to high-beam assist and even adaptive cruise control. The digital instrument is located wisely and its big enough to be practical. As told before no more center consul, instead small armrest with two cup holders positioned underneath. So, the gearlever is below several physical buttons complementing the infotainment.

201 hyundai casper

Under the hood, is a three-cylinder 1.0 liter naturally aspirated engine which produces 75 hp and delivers 95 Nm of torque. Using the powerful turbocharged 1.0-liter unit increases the power to 100 hp. Just some changes on the revised grille due to air intake improvement is done.

Buying this little crossover would cost below $12,000 for the base trim with the lesser engine and rise to $16,000 for the flagship version with the turbo three-pot. The first market which Casper joins is south Korea and later in 2022 t goes to India and maybe later in 2023 we could see the electric variant too.

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