2021 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible Debuts In This Spring

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Bentley never stops being luxury, its in fact the soul of this marque. The third generation of Continental GT Speed Convertible is joining this company line up this spring. Though this new flagship is still the same Continental, its designed by the most recent technologies and accessories. Don’t you believe. Just take a look.


Power Train

Bentley decided to have a open-top Grand Tourer. Just imaging after a long time under masks, you can breathe the fresh air in your continental. Also, the massive engine of this vehicle is reborn. The 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine produces 650 bhp. That means in just 3.6 seconds you reach 100 km/h. the recorded top speed of this car is 335 km/h. (I recommend you wear a helmet.) this Grand Tourer is joining its sibling, the Bentley Continental GT Speed, which was unveiled last month. But what this brother has, are the dual-clutch, eight-speed transmission shift is twice as fast in SPORT mode as in the standard W12 model, befitting a model that takes its place as the performance pinnacle of the Continental GT range.


Beside the big engine, this Bentley has every specs that you can imagine. The All-Wheel Steering, an electronic rear differential and the option of carbon ceramic brakes for a convenient and safe drive. also, by obeying the philosophy in BENTLEY and COMFORT mode, Bentley made the new luxury dynamic. It is possible to extract the maximum performance from the available traction. By “Sport” mode the traction management system sends a greater proportion of power to the rear axle to allow for even greater on-throttle control of cornering line.

Exterior Design

The body design is indeed a Bentley design. A big and muscular body and at the same time sporty. It has a folded Z roof that can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds at 50 km/h. the front grille and bumper grille together are combined with Speed Sports sills. The Dark Tint as the color of this vehicle could be seen all over the car. but its not the least option for customers. Other colors like Bright Silver or Black Gloss as the finishing color is possible.

Latest Technogym Z-fold Roof

For the exterior roof color, seven variants is considered. Black, Blue, Claret and Grey are the most important colors. And for the interior of this roof, you have eight roof liner finishes from Red to Magnolia. This Z-fold roof system has better sealing system in compare to others and also, more acoustic with less noises.


Luxurious Interior

The Bentley Continental GT Speed for this Grand Tourer inside, is the real rich money life. The steering wheel is in Alcantara. in addition, Speed insignia on the passenger fascia are complemented by a unique color split trim in hide and Alcantara. You can choose from 15 main and 11 secondary hide choices too. The Piano Black is almost on every seat as standard. But if you choose Crown Cut, Dark Stain Burr Walnut and Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus, it doesn’t charge you at all. The Console comes in optional Dark Tint, Engine Turned Aluminum, or a leather alternative to the Speed color.


The Continental GT Speed is now on sale in almost everywhere (except mainland China).

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