Ford F150 Review, The True Performer

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Naming the most popular vehicles in the world on a top 10 list, it is impossible to miss the Ford F series pickup trucks on top of that very list. It is now way over half a century and thirteen generations that Ford endured the pickup truck segment of the automotive markets all over the world and especially in North America where it rules with its F Series. The leading model from sales figure view point is the famous Ford F150, the most light duty version of all the Ford F series lineup.


“Built Tough” is Ford’s famous motto to describes the F series Pickup trucks globally but with that toughness comes a great deal of technology.

2020 Ford F150

First the F series is built in a series of diverse models which are separated by their size and performance. Such set up enables the buyers to select one exact model suitable for the job. These series are divided by their capacity and capability into different segments such as medium or heavy duty pickup trucks where they find way into serious construction, military, agricultural or logistic applications. There are a great variety of F series trucks forming governmental fleets of service vehicles such as ambulance, fire and rescue, law enforcement, forestry, transit networks and even military. There are also various models of Vans formed on the basis of F series pickups in service today.

2020 Ford F150 Interior

Then comes the engine choice where Ford gives away a long list of drivetrain choices matching the customers’ needs. Getting passed the gas-guzzlers era into the modern low fuel consumption trucks, Ford came along with its Twin Turbo V6 EcoBoost engine family which are famous for delivering high output while consuming the minimum fuel possible thus replacing the contemporary V8 powertrains in most cases. The thirteenth generation F150s (2015-2020) are powered by two different EcoBoost Twin turbo V6s. one 2.7L and 3.5L giving away 325 and 365 to 450 horsepower and 375 and 420 to 510 lb.ft torque respectively based on the model year production.

Two 3.3L and 3.5L Cyclone V6s are also available which are capable producing 290 and 282 horsepower and 265 and 253 lb.ft torque respectively regarding their model year production. The most powerful naturally aspirated engine title goes to the good old 5.0L Coyote V8 which produces 385 to 395 horsepower and 387 to 400 lb.ft torque based on the model year production.

One single PowerStroke 3.0L V6 diesel engine is also on the option list for the Ford F150 which puts out 250 horsepower and 440 lb.ft torque that makes it adequate for towing and hauling applications while keeping things clean by keeping the emissions low while giving away proper power to make the job done.

2020 Ford F150 Review

Transmissions are also new for the Ford F150 line up. A 6 speed AT is offered along with a 10 speed AT for better mileage and better distribution of torqued throughout the power band. The latter 10 speed automatic makes Ford F150 the first truck that uses a 10 speed and as a standard option among the competitors.

Combining these two simple factors alongside an awesome background of over half a century of leading experience, that’s where you would find the name, Ford F series.

Special Version

Being known as the best pickup truck all over the world, having special versions is nothing far from the mind. But not all special versions come along when we hear F series pickup trucks. Along with those made incarnate with other automotive brands to bare more luxurious nature, one name stands out, The SVT Raptor. The Ford F150 SVT Raptor first came in on 2009 as a bulky off road oriented performance truck base on the infrastructures of the Ford F150, set and tuned by the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) of Ford. The Ford F150 SVT Raptor came with a 411 horsepower 6.2 liter V8 engine on tap to represent a street legal Baja 1000 racing truck for public purchases. As it came standard with a long list of heavy duty parts and specs, the pricing range and exterior dimensions limited the candidates eligible to buy one. Hopefully the popularity of such unique performance truck made its way to the thirteenth generation of the F series although with the increase in power of the 3.5 liter EcoBoost twin turbo V6 up to 450 horsepower, this monstrous V6 substituted the former 6.2 liter V8 for the newer Ford F150 Raptor which now lost its SVT prefix.


Being the best of the best means that F series tow a heavy load of awards with its self. Not counting them all but let’s have a look at some of its notable achievements. Motor trend named Ford F150 the “Truck of the Year” back in 2009. It was also name the “Truck of Texas” and “Best Luxury Pickup” the very same year. Achieving 5 star safety rating in various crash tests, IIHS chose Ford F150 for the Top Safety Pick list.

2020 Ford F150 Review

The vehicle won the “Residual Value Award” from ALG due to retaining the highest percentage of its original price tag among other 2009 full size light duty trucks at the end of a 3 year lease. also chose Ford F150 for the “Best half-ton Pickup” award.

Market Leadership

Ford keeps its leadership over the annual sales of vehicles in the North American car market with its F series pickups, coming right on podium finish every year followed by Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram as second and third winners of the competition respectively, showing the popularity of performance pickup trucks in the most car-diverse region of the world, the North America. Ford came a very long way with it F series pickup truck since mid-1900, mostly as the leader of the huge colony of pickup trucks in the world. Even getting close to solid reputation of the F series is no easy task even for closer competitors.

Ford F150 Price

The thirteenth generation Ford F150 of 2020 MSRP starts at 28,745 USD for the base model and goes up to 67,735 USD for the Limited trim level as the most expensive version of the F150 offered for this year.

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