ZF Next Generation Shuttle Offers Level 4 Autonomous Driving

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ZF unveiled an automated shuttle at CES. The Next Generation Shuttle has a sleek appearance with large side windows and LED lighting fixtures. Numerous sensors and sliding doors are also visible. Only a few brief glances of the cabin were supplied by ZF, but it can hold up to 22 people, but only 15 of them will have seats.

According to ZF, the shuttle's configurable battery capacities will range from 50 to 100 kWh, allowing the model to go up to 129 kilometers on a single charge. The car's highest speed will be 40 km/h, but the business hopes to increase it to 80 km/h in the future.

ZF Next Generation Shuttle

The Level 4 autonomous driving system used by the Next Generation Shuttle makes use of lidar, radar, cameras, and audio sensors to provide the model with a thorough understanding of its environment. After processing all of that data, ZF's Virtual Driver autonomous driving software enables the car to operate alone in metropolitan areas. The business also mentioned that there are numerous redundancies to guarantee full performance and great reliability.

In addition to announcing the shuttle, ZF also announced a strategic alliance with Beep, a provider of mobility services. According to the arrangement, clients will receive a number of thousand shuttles over the next few years.

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