Work Wherever You Want With Nissan NV350 Office Pod Concept

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As Corona Virus has change our lives, most events were cancelled or went on Virtual mode. What is going on is the Virtual 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon. One of the eye-catching things in this show, is the Nissan concepts. One of the iconic and newest Idea which suits our situation, is the Nissan NV350 Office Pod Concept. This is a combination of traveling, staying, and also working.

Nissan NV350 office pod concept

Because of the pandemic, most businesses were closed and the staff should work at home. Some made home offices for themselves. What is interesting is that Nissan look at this situation like opportunely Why not you carry your office around? This is the Nissan's NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept. This is just one of the several Ideas of Nissan.

Nissan NV530 Caravan Office Pod includes a computer desk to work on it. You can connect this Pod just to the end of your van, and extend the room and do your jobs on travel too. Of course, it’s necessary to choose a perfect spot for camping too. This spot slides out of the back of the van on rollers.

Nissan NV350 Office Pod Concept

Even when you become tiered of sitting behind the desk and blowing your mind, you can just go to the rooftop deck and relax on lounge chair. Worry about the rain or sun burning? Just use than giant umbrella. If the wavy shape on the body became a question to you, believe it, it’s our question too. It seems that is just a decoration. But what it reflects us, is a feeling of a sound prove walls.

Nissan NV350 Office Pod Concept

By the way, its just a concept. Although the Nissan NV350 is already on sale, but this pod is not yet out for trading. There are also more concepts for Nissan vans. Just visit the show and enjoy.

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