Wheels And More 900 HP Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Introduced

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Mercedes AMG GLE 63 is an SUV with supersport car capability. It seats between GLE 63 S and GLE 53. The GLE 63 has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood with 571 hp and 750 nm of torque. For the S variant, the numbers are 603 hp and 850 nm of torque. The regular GLE 63 can hit 100 kph in dead 4.0 seconds while the S model can hit 100 kph in 3.8 seconds.

AMercedes-AMG GLE 63

For those groups of buyers who believe these numbers are not enough, WheelsAndMore introduced a tuning package. The new package has a couple of stages with different outputs while the most powerful dubbed as Stage 4 can pump-out 907 hp and 1150 nm of torque. The Stage 4 kit costs $49,470.


The next kit is Stage 3 and takes the power to 848 hp and 1150 nm of torque. Stage 3 kit costs $36,608. Stage 2 kit gives you 789 hp and 1040 nm of torque with $19,787. The last kit is Stage 1 and pumps out 690 hp and 950 nm of torque.

Wheelsandmore also introduced an upgrade kit for mercedes-AMG GLE 53. This kit can upgrade 435 hp and 520 nm torque to 503 hp and 620 nm of torque.

Other features are the sport exhaust system and smartphone-controlled air suspension kit. Last but not least, the tuner offers 24-inch alloy wheels wrapped with 295/30 front and 355/25 rear.

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